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cheap homemade ultrasonic food cutter in bakery

ultrasonic food cutter for cake, cheese, frozen food, bread, chocolate.
  • PHD - 2801Q
  • Piezohannas
  • PHD-2801Q


Our cutter adopts the latest ultrasonic technology, easy operation, stable and reliable work. When cutting the bakery product, the knife is not sticky, the food has nice cutting effect and will not left chip. The cutter can save both time and labor. Some parts of the blades are made of food grade material, the user can use it safely.

02.Main specification


PHD - 2801Q

Max power


Power control

Three power switchable

Working frequency


Work power

220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz

110V±10% 60Hz


0 - 40℃

03.Front panel function and operation manual

In the connection, please tighten the navigation control insert nut, so that the connection is reliable!


04. Precautions for use

1). Cut different product, please adjust the different power gear.

2). Continuous work after 15 minutes, stop using for 5 minutes

3). If there was a long time of the noise sound when using, please reduce power gear.

4). When cutter surface has much sticky chip, please stop, use wet cloth to wipe clean, then use again

5). Ultrasonic cutting knife can&dm4atp&t collide with hard objects or metal, to avoid the damage of the blade.

6). When the ultrasonic opens, please do not touch the blade.

05. Scope of warranty

1). Ultrasonic generator and transducer under normal use, one year warranty.

2). Blade under normal use, the warranty for a month, the blade deformation or damage is not within the warranty.

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