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best professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at home

Frequency is optional, you could choose 80KHz, 100KHz or 130KHz, Volume has 3.2L, 4.5L, 5.0L, 6.8L, 11L, 15L, 20L, 22L, 30L.
  • PH - 8120
  • Piezohannas
  • PH-8120

I. Packing List

One ultrasonic cleaning machine

One power cable

One copy of product operation manual

(*One cleaning basket (optional))

Please verify your product pack for integrity against the aforesaid list. For any damage to the packing or missing of any component, immediately contact your dealer.

II. Operating Principle

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on such a principle that, high frequency oscillation signals from ultrasonic wave generator is converted into high - frequency mechanical oscillation, which is transferred into the medium - solution, where the waves are radiated forwards in an alternative density to make the liquid flow and generate tens of thousands of tiny air bubbles in diameter of 50~500μm which keep vibrating under the effect of the acoustic field, forming and growing in negative pressure areas through which the ultrasound waves travel vertically and rapidly enlarging and suddenly closing in positive pressure areas when acoustic pressure reaches to a certain value; such closure of air bubbles generates shock waves and impose over one thousand of atmospheric pressure around them, and thus breaks down and disperse insoluble dirt around the cleaning fluid, and any solid grains covered by oily dirt and attached to the surface of the work piece are removed off when the oily dirt is emulsified, so that the work piece is cleaned and sterilized.

III. Product Features

1.Higher ultrasound wave power conversion ratio, faster cleaning and times or scores of times higher cleaning efficiency than conventional method.

2.High cleaning performance, excellent cleanliness and effective cleaning of even any inaccessible parts such as hole and seam.

3.Sterilization of work piece, dissolution of organic contaminant and corrosion protection.

4.Fabrication of high - quality embossed stainless steel with excellent rust protection and aesthetical appearance; cleaning tank made of quality SUS304 stainless steel pressed formed free of welding seam and watertight.

5.Cleaning temperature adjustable between 20~80℃, operating time displayed and controlled digitally with LED and ranging between 0~30 minutes to meet various cleaning needs.

6.Drain and heat dissipater provided in models of 6L or larger in user - friendly design for quick discharge of waste water after cleaning.

7.Cleaning basket with mesh screen fabricated of stainless steel argon arc welded for easy use.

8.High - quality key component imported overseas for easy use.

9.Safe and reliable cleaning process without need of manual intervention and free of damage to surface of work piece, using less solvent, heat energy, space occupation and manpower.

IV. Technical Parameters


Internal Dimensions (L*W*H)

External Dimensions (L*W*H)

Volume (L)

Net Weight (KG)

Ultrasonic Capacity (W)

Frequency (KHz)

Heating Capacity (W)

Time (Min.)

Heating Temperature (℃)

PH - 8120










PH - 8120L







PH - 8180







PH - 8180L







PH - 8240L







PH - 8360







PH - 8360L







PH - 8480







PH - 8600







V. Scope of Application

1.Machinery: Removal of oil/grease on parts and components, cleaning of engine, carburetor and automobile parts and components, filter, and filter mesh.

2.Surface treatment: Removal of oil and rust before galvanic coating, cleaning and phosphating process before ion plating, removal of accumulated carbon, scale and polishing paste, activation of surface of work piece.

3.Instrumentation: cleaning of measuring tools and fine cleaning of precision parts prior to assembly.

4.Electronics: Removal of rosin and welding spots on printing circuit board and cleaning of HV contacts and other electronic parts.

5.Medical care: Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical devices and lab glassware.

6.Semiconductor: Fine cleaning of semiconductor chips.

7.Timepiece and jewelry: Removal of grease, dirt, scale and polishing paste.

8.Chemicals and biologicals: Cleaning of lab glassware.

9.Optics: Cleaning of optical components and lens.

10.Textile dyeing and finishing: Cleaning of spinning spindle and spinneret.

11.Petrochemicals: Cleaning of metal filter mesh, chemical containers and exchanger.

VI.Installation and Preparation

1.After unpacking, check whether any part gets loose.

2.Place the machine horizontally at a well - ventilated and dry location.

3.Select appropriate detergent, cleaning water or other solution based on properties of work piece to be cleaned.

4.Properly and firmly connect the plug to a three - pin power socket which is grounded reliably to ensure safety.

VII. Operation Instructions

Picture of Product

Operation Instructions

1.Load cleaning fluid into the tank and connect the power supply (which shall be grounded reliably). After power - on, current actual temperature is displayed and the default temperature is 0℃. The ultrasound wave operating time is 3 minutes by default.

2.Adjustment of ultrasound wave operating duration: Increase the duration by one second by each press on Duration Increase (press down and hold the button to increase consecutively). Decrease the duration by one second by each press on Duration Decrease (press down and hold the button to decrease consecutively).

3.Adjustment of operating temperature: Increase the temperature by one degree by each press on Temperature Up (press down and hold the button to increase consecutively). Decrease the temperature by one degree by each press on Temperature Down (press down and hold the button to decrease consecutively). When the set temperature is higher than current ambient temperature, the heating system is started and the heating indicator light turns on. When the set temperature is lower than current ambient temperature, the heating system stops operating.  

4.After the operating time and temperature have been set, press ON/OFF button to start operation, and press ON/OFF again to stop operation.

VIII. Factors Influencing Performance

1.Ultrasonic wave power density: Higher power density results in better cleaning performance and higher cleaning speed. Higher power density is appropriate for cleaning of work piece with stubborn dirt, and lower power density is suitable for any precision work piece (generally ultrasonic power density ranges between 0.01 - 0.02w/ml).

2.Ultrasonic frequency: Lower frequency results in better cavitation performance. Higher frequency contributes to better refraction/reflection performance. Lower frequency should be applied for cleaning of simple surface while higher frequency for cleaning of complex surface with deep or inaccessible hole. (80KHz, 130KHz)

3.Cleaning temperature: Ultrasound wave will present the best cavitation performance at a temperature range between 40~50℃. Higher cleaning temperature facilitates breakdown of dirt, while a temperature above 70℃~80℃ may impair effect of ultrasound wave and deteriorate cleaning performance.

4.Cleaning duration: Longer cleaning duration presents better cleaning performance (except for special material).

5.Other influential factors include type and properties of cleaning fluid and the dirt to be removed.

IX. Maintenance

This machine shall be used, maintained by dedicated personnel and a full check on the equipment shall be performed regularly.

1.Check the power supply and line connections for any looseness, overheating, damp absorption or poor contact.

2.Inspect sealing of the bottom board of cleaning tank for any leakage. Check the joint between drain pipe and cleaning tank for leakage.

3.For looseness of ultrasound wave converted or burnout of power tube, contact the manufacturer immediately.

4.The ultrasound wave equipment shall be operated and stored at well - ventilated, dry and clean place to facilitate good performance and long service life.

X. Troubleshooting



Failure of Ultrasonic Wave

(1) Check whether the power voltage meets the rated value, or fluctuate significantly.

(2) Check the power socket, switch, connection terminal and joint for looseness.

(3) Inspect the fuse for any abnormal flash or noise.

(4) Check the power tube for any damage.

Weak ultrasound wave or operation with whistle

(1) Check whether the energy converter is affected with damp or the insulation resistance is normal.

(2) revisa el cable de transmisión para saber si hay cualquier daño externo o absorción húmeda.

(3) controla si el voltaje de la potencia es normal.

(4) revisa si el convertidor de la energía consigue flojamente o haya cualquier pedazo del material o del trabajo de la absorción de choque bajo el tanque.

(5) controla si el quitamanchas está en temperatura normal o cualquier operación incorrecta fue realizada.

Salida eléctrica (distinguir entre el incidente de la unidad principal y el del generador quitando el conector del HF y controlando el aislante)

(1) controla si el cable de transmisión está afectado con humedad, o el voltaje de fuente está en la fluctuación excesiva frecuente.

(2) controla si la máquina está afectada con humedad y de tal modo corroída.

Se daña, se afloja o está roto (3) controla la bandeja de cable a cada componente.

(4) controla si la placa solar está destruida o rota.

(5) controla si el alambre de tierra está en buenas condiciones.

Huelga de arco o flash o ruido anormal

(1) aislamiento pobre o absorción húmeda del oscilador.

(2) controla si cualquier conexión o terminal consigue aflojada o en contacto de los pobres.

Si el problema no puede ser quitado, entrar en contacto con nuestro centro de servicio o volver el equipo al HQ o a su oficina local para dirigir.

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